MiraLux Studios


Phone: 951-552-7600
Email: info@miraluxstudios.com
Talent: talent@miraluxstudios.com
Address: Burbank, Newport Beach, Paris

About us

MiraLux Studios is your creative source for commercials, infomercials, network and yes - reality TV. We can also create second screen content for websites, web video and high conversion RTB pre-roll advertising.


If you're not familiar with RTB, let's have a conversation, find out why RTB pre-rolls are so responsive and inexpensive.


On Location

We provide on-location or on-set production for live events with program out for on site, broadcast, live stream or post production up to 4K.


Postproduction Conversions

If you have been in the broadcast industry for any length of time, you know todays tape content has impaired monetization, primarily due to a lack of deliverability. How much could your current tape assets be worth if monetized digitally? We will convert your tape archives to digital assets so that you can monetize them. Your old analog and SD (4:3) formats can be converted to various modern HD (16:9) formats. Consider the monetization value and revenue opportunity in your archives.


The Metrics

Need more viewership, engagement, interaction or advertising engagement to help in selling your program? We show you how to increase your footprint with mass relevance content using the most popular social medias imbedded in your show. Let us show you how to increase viewer engagement and capture viewer data like contact information for advertising and demographic purposes. No more Nielsen, no more guessing, this is live metrics.


We Help

If you need actors or spokes model talent, we can provide that as well in English or EspaƱol.